We have been experimenting with our favourite old school varieties for decades. Our favourite old school strains are vigorous, easy to grow, fairly pest and mould resistant, tasty and strong; but somehow very different from today's high-octane strains.


Amnesia, coming from an Indica Bubblegum (1993 Cannabis Cup winner) and Super Silver Haze, called the "Queen of Sativas" in the early 90's. A perfect combination of both worlds.

OG Kush dates back to the mid-90's. It was developed by crossing a northern Californian strain (probably Chemdawg) with Hindu Kush. Legend has it that Deadheads interchanged seeds at a Grateful Dead gig, giving birth to Chemdawg.

White Widow delights a great community of connoisseurs since winning the Cannabis Cup in 1995. It is a cross between Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica. Still one of the best smokes around.

These 3 strains have been used for the creation of dozens of famous strains over the last decades.