Don Amnesia is a delightful and carefully selected variety of Amnesia, a name many strains relate to, known to have won at least 18 awards. This strain is known to cause some loss of short term memory, but don't worry, you'll remember it as a happy time. Its high is very uplifting, considered to be a strong antidepressant.


It is a vigorous and resistant plant of succulent green shades threaded with orange pistils and covered in resinous white trichomes.

Don Amnesia

  • Lineage : Bubblegum - Super Silver Haze

    50% Indica - Sativa

    THC - up to 20%

    Flowering - 9 to 10 weeks.

    Flavour - Woody, earthy, citrus.

    Effects - Euphoric, creative, relaxing.