Don White Widow is legendary for its resin production, making it a great hash producing strain. Also a great morning companion for its almost immediate uplift in mood, energy and focus that can be applied to any task. It is very creative and allows users to remain functional and aware of their surroundings.


Its buds are chunky and conical with a loose and fluffy texture and, as the memorable name already suggests, they are covered in large white trichomes which give its whitish-grey appearance.


Still one of the most solid smokes around.

Don White Widow

  • Lineage: South American Sativa - South Indian Indica

    Sativa - 60%

    THC - up to 23%

    Flowering - 9 weeks.

    Flavour - Earthy, woody, flowery.

    Effects - Euphoric, creative, energetic, relaxing.