Don Megalodon grows tall and lush so you can expect a rich harvest if you leave her enough time to fully ripen. We've got here a very fast growing, very potent, high THC level plant which gives you an active Sativa kick followed by a strong Indica relaxation. Perfect for "chilled out" evenings.


Large and fuzzy growth with picture perfect nugs. Her green - golden tops are covered with layers of thick sticky resin, giving the plant a very gooey appearance which is loved by many.

Don Megalodon

  • Lineage: Cheese x OG Kush x Purple Urkle x Afghan

    75% Indica

    THC - Over 21%

    Flowering - 8 to 9 weeks.

    Flavour - Pine, Skunk, Cheese.

    Effects - Euphoria, relax, munchies.