Don Do Si Glue is our latest supermix, combining two of our favourite strains. Bringing out the best of both worlds, the uplifting effects of Don Do Si Dos with the heavy, couch-locking properties of Don Gorilla Glue. Have a go and travel through both worlds at once. A real stress killer.


Buds are dense and sticky with lots of orange hairs, bright pistils and very resinous trichomes. The leaves can vary in colour from lime green to darker lavender tones.

Don Do Si Glue

  • 60% Sativa

    Lineage: Don Do Si Dos x Don Gorilla Glue

    THC – up to 32%

    Flowering – 8 to 9 weeks.

    Flavour – Diesel, Sweet, Coffee, Skunky.

    Effects – Euphoric, Psychoactive, Creative, Relaxing.