Don Cherrypie is a Sativa leaning cross of Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison. It kicks slowly but strong, stress and worries disappear. Strong stimulant for vision and hearing. It works as good for a night out with friends as it does for a chillout at home. It´s medical properties against anxiety, depression and insomnia are superb. Makes you smile like a Cheshire Cat.


The thick green leaves can turn into purple when the nights get colder. The colourful tops are covered with translucid white trichomes, giving them a silvery shining look. This plant gives a lot more inner buds if you clip the big light blocking leaves of.

Don Cherrypie

  • Lineage: Grandaddy Purple – Durban Poison

    60% Indica - 40% Sativa

    THC – up to 26%

    Flowering – 8 to 9 weeks.

    Flavour – Herbal, peppery, pine.

    Effects – Relaxed, happy, focused, cotton-mouth.


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