Don Blueberry Cookies got the best of both parents, Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. At first it is very clean headed and later relaxed and sleepy. The fruity smell and a cherry – skunky taste are very unique. You can have a walk with it or enjoy some time on the sofa. Veteran smokers love it!!


Very dense, chunky and big buds, Indica appearance with conical shape.  Threaded through with a lot of red and orange pistils. At first there is bright green colour which later will give way to a blue and purple freckled appearance. These colourful tops are covered in silvery shining trichomes.

Don Blueberry Cookies

  • Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies – Blueberry

    70% Indica - 30% Sativa

    THC – 25%

    Flowering – 8 to 9 weeks.

    Flavour – Citrus, fruity, hop.

    Effects – Happy, uplifting, euphoric, relaxed.