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Don Blueberry Auto is an automatic version of the famous Blueberry, which is a cross of Afghan Indica x Sativa Thai x Purple Thai.


Don Blueberry Auto was produced by crossing a high-quality Blueberry with our special Ruderalis.


The Blueberry strain was originally developed by DJ Short (the Willy Wonka of pot) in the 70s, becoming world famous for its distinguished and unmistakeable Blueberry taste and smell.


This strain has small and densely packed flowers of forest green colour which later morph into an array of purples and reds. Blueberry Auto has dense and sticky buds with an abundance of almost transparent trichomes.

Don Blueberry Auto

  • Lineage: Indica Afghani x Sativa Thai x Purple Thai x Ruderalis

    80% Indica

    THC - up to 24%

    Flowering - 9 to 10 weeks.

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