After a hard day’s work, Don Biscotti blows your stress away with a deep relaxation that helps to keep depression symptoms at bay. Lots of patients use Don Biscotti to control migraine and arthritis problems.


Don Biscotti is a very potent strain with the ability to ease your mental stress and knock you out physically.


Don Biscotti has beautiful spade shaped buds that are very dense and feature lush tops in an olive green colour. Orange and tangerine pistils sticking out of an avalanche of trichomes. Its smell takes you into a forest of spices with sweet and sour earthy aromas. When burned, its scent resembles that of cookies and lemon.

Don Biscotti

  • Lineage: GSC x Gelato x South Florida OG

    80% Indica | 20% Sativa

    THC – 28%

    Flowering – 8 to 10 weeks

    Flavour – Sweet, nutty, cookies, gas terpene.

    Effects – Happy, euphoric, relaxed, good against depression, stress and arthritis.